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Schedule of Readings and Assignments

English 105 -- Technical Communication

Eric Sonstroem

(This schedule will remain somewhat flexible.  I may make minor changes to reflect the needs of the class.)


Week 1 Begins Monday January 11 -- What is Technical Communication?
M Discussion: Welcome.  My goals for the course. Setting your goals for the course.
W Reading: Burnett Chapter 1
Discussion: Communication. Summarizing Information. Audience.
In Class: Assign conference schedule.

No Class:

Individual Student Conferences

Week 2 Begins Monday January 18 -- Technical Research
M MLK Day No Class
W Reading: Burnett Chapter 6
Discussion: Research Strategies. Documentation. Annotated Bibliography.
F Reading: Burnett Chapter 4
Discussion: Audience

Week 3 Begins Monday January 25 -- Career Correspondence
M Discussion:  Different Functions of Resume and Cover Letter
In Class: Case 1 Assignment 1
Due: Case 1 Assignment 2
In Class: Revision Workshop
F Due: Case 1 Assignment 3
Reading: Burnett Chapter 13 & Hypertext Gardens
Discussion: Considerations in Web Design

Week 4 Begins Monday February 1 -- HTML & Web Resumes
M Today's Class Meets in the Library Computer Lab
Class Activity: Library Resources for Technical Research at Pacific
W Due In Class: Case 1 Assignment 4
F In Class: HTML Workshop  (Optional.  Meets in the Library Computer Lab)

Week 5 Begins Monday February 8  -- Oral Presentation
M Reading: Burnett Chapter 17
Discussion: Effective Oral Communication Style
W Due In Class: 3-Minute Oral Presentations (which will be videotaped)
F In Class: Review of Presentations
Reading: Burnett Chapter 2

Week 6 Begins Monday February 15 -- Definitions
M   No Class.  President's Day Holiday
W Reading: Burnett Chapter 14
Due In Class: Case 2 Assignment 1
Discussion: Working in Intercultural Situations
F In Class: Final Project Focus Day & Peer Work on Draft
Due: Draft of Case 2 Assignment 2

Week 7 Begins Monday February 22 -- Technical Description
M Due: Case 2 Assignment 2
W Reading: Burnett Chapter 15
Discussion: Uses of Technical Descriptions
F Reading: Burnett Chapter 9
Discussion: Testing Documents for Usability
In Class: Exercises For Effective Revision

Week 8 Begins Monday March 1 -- Technical Description and Instructions
M Due: Case 3 Assignment 1
In Class: Peer Revision Workshop
W Due: Case 3 Assignment 2
In Class: Final Project Progress Meetings
F Reading: Burnett Chapter 21
In Class: Instructions Workshop



Spring Break!



Week 9 Begins Monday March 15  -- Process Explanation
M Reading: Burnett Chapter 10
Discussion: Organizing Information for Users/Readers
W Reading: Burnett Chapter 16
Discussion: Process Explanations
Due: Case 4 Assignment 1
F Due: Case 4 Assignment 2
In Class: Peer Revision Workshop
Week 10 Begins Monday March 22 -- Bringing it all together
M In Class: TBA
W Discussion: Abstracts, Executive Summaries, Outlines
F Reading: Burnett Chapter 20
Discussion: Types of Reports


Week 11 Begins Monday March 29 -- Poster Sessions and Oral Reports
M Discussion: Integrating your work so far into the Final Project
Due: Case 4 Assignment 3
Draft of your Final Project Abstract
W No Class Optional meetings about final project
F In Class: Workshop on Preparing Effective Poster Session Presentations
Reading: Review Burnett Chapter 17, especially the section on poster displays

Week 12 Begins Monday April 5 -- Poster Sessions
M No Class Student Travel Day.  Remember to work on Poster Session Presentations
W Due In Class: No Class.  Work on Final Projects.
F Due In Class: Case 4 Assignment 4 -- Poster Session Presentations

Week 13 Begins Monday April 12 -- Preparing your Final Project for the web
M Due In Class Case 4 Assignment 4 -- Poster Session Presentations
W In Class: Presentation Software Workshop Class meets in Library Classroom
F In Class: HTML Workshop II--Optional--Class meets in Library Classroom

Week 14 Begins Monday April 19 -- Final Presentations

M--Student Oral Presentations Begin Today

Monday Harshan S., Franklin C., Laura N.
Wednesday Julia N., Amy J., Hannah L.
Friday Niharika M., Jorena de P.

Week 15 Begins Monday April 26-- Final Presentations
Monday Sarah H., Pooja S.
Wednesday Jason S., Chris R.
Friday Bibiana L., Ryan F.

Week 16 Begins Monday May 3-- Final Presentations and Project Due
M Nancy N., Fanny M.

Final Project Due