Case 1

Job Letter and Resume

Find materials online or at the career resource center for two different jobs or summer internships that you feel you would be qualified for. Bring these with you to class on Wednesday.

Assignment 1 (this writing will be done in class, but be sure to bring the job descriptions with you):

Using the two job descriptions, write a one-page journal, in paragraph or list form, in which you assess the aspects of your own experience that should be highlighted in a application letter and resume for each job. You will use these notes as the basis for class discussion.

Assignment 2:

Prepare a draft of a resume for one of the jobs. Your grade for this assignment will be determined on the basis of how carefully you present your experience to match the job description.

Assignment 3:

Prepare a draft of an application letter to accompany your resume. As with assignment 2, your grade will be determined by how successfully you frame your letter for the particular audience you are addressing.

Assignment 4:

Complete the case by preparing final drafts of both documents. Submit these documents to me, along with a copy of the job description.