Eric Sonstroem

English 105--Case 4--Process Explanations

Assignment Overview:

Just as your technical description broke something from your report down into different parts, your process explanation will break a series of events down into different steps.

Review the materials you have collected for your technical report. Identify one process that seems central to your report topic.  Prepare a process explanation, incorporating at least one visual or drawing.

Assignment 1:

Your first task in preparing the process explanation presentation is to consider the audience to whom the information will be reported. Perform a detailed audience analysis (1-2 pages typed) in which you identify:

Note that the first two items should be more or less the same as what we have talked about for your final report audience. If you have changed your mind about the primary and secondary readers, this is the time to let me know! The last two items are specific to this assignment. That is, what is the scope and plan for the process explanation (not your whole final report).

Assignment 2:

Prepare a draft of the process explanation. Your draft should attempt to accommodate the readers you analyzed in Assignment #1. Remember that at least one visual is required for this document.

Assignment 3:

Prepare a final draft of this process explanation.

Assignment 4:

Prepare to present the same material in a "poster session" format. You will need to explain the process, and field questions about it. You may want to prepare several visuals for this, to help you explain each step in the process. Also, prepare a condensed (one-page) handout of your process to hand out at the presentation.