Final Projects

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The Assignment

The final project will be created on a topic chosen in consultation with me, based on student interest and aptitude.  It must be based on a technology, and cover a technical solution to a problem.  All other aspects (technical level, "difficulty level," audience, document type and purpose, etc.) will be determined student by student.

The project will take two forms:  

  1. A twenty to thirty-minute oral presentation using Power Point or some other presentation software.
  2. A detailed, hyper-linked electronically accessible document (most likely HTML).  It is impossible to assign workload as precisely for an HTML document as for an ordinary research paper, but an approximate equivalency would be a 15-page paper.  Have a look at the sample student projects below for a variety of models.

You are responsible for producing both the oral presentation and the HTML document.

Sample Student Final Projects

These are actual final projects from former students.  These are in no particular order, nor are they selected as the "best" projects.  Some are better than others.