Oral Report 1

English 105--Eric Sonstroem

Interview a working engineer to learn about the role of communication skills in your future profession.

Organize the information you receive from this interview into a three-minute oral report. The content of this report should focus on the material you learned from the interview, not on the mechanics of the interview itself.

In other words, don't do something like this:

"First I asked Ms. Smith what her most important communication skill was, and then she said it was writing memos. Next I asked her about the hardest memo she ever had to write, and she said . . ."

Do something like this instead:

"According to Ms. Smith, a mechanical engineer working for Vitro Corporation, the most important communication skill for engineers is writing clear memos. The hardest memo she ever had to write involved . . ."

Your material should be organized carefully, and presented in a clear manner. Be sure to practice your delivery aloud ahead of time.  Also be prepared to talk about the interview questions you used, and the interview strategies you used.

We will be video-taping these reports, and reviewing the tapes on Friday.