Utopian Futures--Paper Assignment 2

Choose an element of society that can be found in both More's Utopia and LeGuin's The Dispossessed.  The element you choose could be something like:

In a five page paper, compare and contrast the way your element is treated in each of the two novels.  Note that when you are talking about The Dispossessed, you can choose to either focus on Urras or on Anarres, or you can talk about both planets.  Finally, what are More and Le Guin trying to teach their readers about their own societies by presenting the fictitious utopias that they do?  In other words, what is the moral of each of these stories, with regards to the element you have chosen to concentrate upon?

A full rough draft of your paper is due in class on Monday the 26th.  The final draft will be due Wednesday the 28th.