Utopian Futures--Paper Assignment 1

Le Guin,  Gunn, Swanwick, Disch, and (to some extent) Gibson all provide different theories for how "the future" is used in science fiction.  Write a 5-page, thesis-driven paper in which you explore how one of these theories of the future helps explain how "the future" works in two of the futures we have studied. 

In other words, choose at least one author from the first list and use his or her theory to explain how the future works in at least two of the works from the second list.

Theories (first list) Futures (second list)
  1. LeGuin
  2. Gunn
  3. Swanwick
  4. Disch
  5. Gibson
  1. Gibson (yes, he's on both lists!)
  2. Fabian Essays
  3. Wells, Time Machine
  4. 1960 Time Machine movie
  5. 2002 Time Machine movie
  6. Amazing Stories or other SF magazine covers (for a bunch of them online, click here.  The website is in French, but it is very easy to use.  Click on the years below any of the magazine titles to see the covers from that year. )

A full rough draft of your paper is due in class on Wednesday the 12th.  The final draft will be due Friday the 16th.