Utopian Futures--Final Assignment

You must choose a fictional vision of the future, either utopian or dystopian, and analyze what lessons it is trying to teach about the real, present world that it came out of. 

You will present this information as:

 A Power Point presentation to the class (15 minutes, including Q&A)


 A web site (which should be the text equivalent of at least a five-page research paper) 

Fictional futures can come from novels, stories, movies, tv shows, or even ad campaigns.  I would like to approve your fictional future before you begin writing, so if you have some early ideas come tell me about them.  I will meet individually with each of you during Week 11 to hammer out your final topic, and I will meet again with you during Week 13 to review your progress.

Your Power Point presentation will be due at your scheduled time during Week 14 and Week 15.  The final website is due by class time on May 7th.