English 25 Assignment Four

Bring your own Monster Presentation

Due Monday, December 2 through Friday, December 6.  A presentation schedule will be determined in class on November 18.  Try to show up before the start of class for your presentation day, and remember that you need to be in class as good, attentive audience members for your classmates' presentations.

These are 12-minute presentations.  Allow about 8 minutes for talking, and 4 for Q&A. 

You may use powerpoint, etc, if you like for your presentation, although this is not required or even particularly encouraged. You may embed a clip if you are talking about a movie, but this should be no more than 2 minutes--you wouldn't want to take away from your presentation time by filling it up with clips--and it should be necessary to your argument. Our classroom technology is very unreliable and we will be on a tight schedule, so you should absolutely be ready to present without technology.

Your Assignment:

If you get stuck, or if you just want to bounce ideas around, feel free to meet with me or e-mail me ahead of time. 

I would like to approve your thesis statement before you start planning your presentation.  Feel free to e-mail me your thesis statement when you get your idea.  I'm also happy to help you turn a half a thesis statement into a full-grown one.  I'd like to have everyone's thesis approved by Monday, November 25th.