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Getting Into the MOO

1. Go to

2. A log-in screen will appear. You will log in as a Guest. Do not enter anything in the ID or password boxes. The ID box should say "Guest" and the password box should be left blank. Simply click the gray "Enter the Villa D" button on the left hand side of the screen. 

3. A split screen will pop up. Give it time to load. On the top are helpful buttons. On the left is the conversation going on. You can type what you want to say in the box at the bottom left corner. At the right is what you see in the room. Objects will have representative icons. Doors to other rooms will have a door image.


Registering Your Own Character

To avoid being bumped off of the MOO as a guest, once you are logged in as a guest, sign up for a character identity. Here's how: 

1) Log on as a guest. This will take you to a guest room. Read the description of the room which will explain that to get a character in the MOO type @request in the dialogue box at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. 

2) Once you've typed the request command, the MOO will prompt you to type @request <userid> for <email address>. Place the user ID you want for the MOO (ususually your first name and last initial or something reasonable) and use your email address. 

3) The password will be generated and emailed to your address. After a minute or two, check your email and log on as your character.

Alternate Registration Method:

1) Log in as a guest

2) Click the "Request" button at the top of your MOO window

3) Fill out the Player Request Form and send it.

4) The password will be generated and emailed to your address. After a minute or two, check your email and log on as your character.

Using the MOO

Commands: (important commands have an asterisk) 

1. *To talk, make sure your cursor is at the bottom left hand corner of the screen in the blank box. You must use quotation marks before and after what you want to say. For example, to say hi, type "hi"then hit return. 

2. *To look around at the room, type the word look in the bottom left hand corner of the screen in the blank box. To examine an object type examine <object name> For example, to examine a lake type: examine lake. For an easy way to look and get a basic description of an object, see number six below. 

To see what this looks like, click here:

3. To emote, that is to show an expression or action, use a colon before the words expressing your action. For example, if I want to smile, I type :smiles. 

4. If you see an object and want to take it, type take <object name> For example take flower This allows me to pluck a flower. To drop an object, type drop <object name> such as drop flower. Note, it is good etiquette to return things where you found them after you are done with the object!

5. At the most basic level of interaction, all you need to do is look and talk. Anything else is extra which you can learn as you gain experience.

6. *The right hand side of the screen has several features. It gives you a description of what you are looking at. You can click on an object and this will allow you to examine the object. Most objects are denoted with an icon looking like a generic blocky object. To look at the whole room type look or use the look button on the tool bar at the top of the screen. To move to another room, click the room name next to the door icon. 

7.At the top of your screen is a tool bar, which looks like this:

What these buttons do:

About: details of the MOO program
Help: a range of help links from basic manuvering to MOO programming
Look: shows you the room you are in
Who: shows you what other players are in the MOO
Guide: some basic and not so basic MOO commands
Request:an easy form for requesting a permanent character
Quit: end your MOO session

Getting to the Frankenstein Rooms

To get to the Frankenstein MOO spaces, type @go Frankenstein Foyer
This will teleport you to the beginning of the Frankenstein rooms.

Also you can use a map of the Villa Diodati MOO. The Frankenstein rooms are connected to the Shelley library in the Maison Chapuis.

A Detailed MOO Primer can be found at the Romantic Circles site.

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