Paper Assignment 2 for English 43

Due Wednesday, May 2 via Canvas.

Your assignment is to write a six to seven page thesis-driven paper on the material from the second half of the course, or on material from throughout the course.  You must present and sustain an interpretive argument that is worthy of a paper this length.  Try to write about three or four of the texts we used in class.  If you've got a good reason for using more or fewer texts, talk to me about it.

Beyond this, I would like to leave the assignment as open as possible.  We've connected these texts together in a variety of ways throughout the semester, and talked about numerous issues and themes.  What did you find most interesting, compelling, or curious?  Are there other approaches to this literature that we didn't spend much time on in class?  What's your perspective on the literature of this period?

As always, talk to me if you wonder whether your topic will work, or if you need help choosing or focusing your topic.

I am also open to more creative ideas for a final project.  If you want to engage our class texts and themes in a form different from a paper (A short film?  A hypertext like 253?), then talk to me about your ideas well in advance of the due date, and I'll be happy to work out an alternate assignment with you.  Keep in mind that alternate assignments need to display the same level of rigor and analysis as a 6-7 page paper would.