English 143 Paper 2

The writers of the era we are studying seem to have a love/hate relationship with the poor, the foreign, the strange, the ancient, the sick, even . . . the Scottish (oooh!). In all these cases, they seem to approach "The Other" with a mixture of envy and distain, patronization and fear, scorn and fascination, exploitation and respect.  

Write a five-page, thesis-driven paper in which you examine an aspect of this age's relationship to "the Other," using at least two of the authors we have read.  Feel free to narrow this topic as you see fit.  If you just want to write about Gothic appropriation of the Orient in Beckford and De Quincey,  feel free.  If you just want to write about how Romantic-era poets used "the poor," you can do that too.  In any case, look for ways your two authors compare and contrast on the issue you have chosen.

If you want to write about something that doesn't really seem to fit this assignment, clear it with me beforehand.

Feel free to email me with any questions, or to chat with me about possible topics and strategies about this paper.