Final Paper / Project Assignment

English 143

Due Friday, December 12 by class time.


You have a choice for this.  Either write an 8- to 10-page analytical or research paper on some material from our class, or do an alternative project that demonstrates the same level of analysis and/or research as the paper would have.


Option 1:

Choose some material appropriate to the course.  This can be a selection from the material we have read in class, or it can include other material from the Romantic/Gothic age that we have not explicitly covered.  Write an 8-10 page, thesis-driven analytical or research paper that deals with this material.  An analytical paper would involve close readings of the works to prove some kind of point.  For example "Gothic literature and Romantic literature represented animals differently in these three, specific ways..." would be a type of thesis you might expect in an analytical paper.  A research paper would involve some historical research to shed light on a literary work. "Shelley's treatment of animals in his poem 'The Poor, Delicious Chicken' can be situated in contemporary debates about vegetarianism" would be the type of thesis you might find in a research paper.  Of course, a single paper can combine both analysis and research.

Option 2:

Propose a different sort of project.  This can be something creative; you can create a website, a film, a series of cartoons, etc.  HOWEVER, the project needs to involve the same level of analysis and/or research that a 8- to 10-page paper would.  Your proposal needs to convince me that you will be capable of clearly demonstrating the same level of intellectual engagement.


I need to see proposals for Option 2 and thesis statements for Option 1 by Monday, December 1.  Please email these to me when you are ready, or even before you are ready if you want help hammering out your idea.

Papers and projects will be presented to class in the last two weeks of class.