Sonstroem - English 128

Paper Assignment 1

In the first three weeks of class, we have read a lot of different perspectives on the relative roles of Science and Literature in Culture.  We have read about their value in education, the differences and similarities between scientific and literary "truth" and "analysis", and so on.

Choose 3 of the authors we have studied so far.  Write a 5-page, thesis-driven paper in which you compare and contrast the views of your three authors, weighing the merits of their arguments.   You may use this analysis of the class readings to ground your own ideas about the existing or ideal relationship between science and literature in culture (or in education).

This is a very open essay topic.  Your essay will probably take one of two forms:

1) A straightforward analysis of your three authors.  Your thesis will focus on the specifics of how they are different from and / or similar to each other.  You will also indicate which you think is most accurate or the most useful and why.

2) A paper that focuses more on your own notions of the relationship between Science and Literature.  You will analyze the authors just as much, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses, but concentrating on how they help you frame your own ideas about this issue.

A full rough draft of your paper is due printed out in class on Monday, February 4 for peer review.  Final drafts of the paper should be turned in via the Assignments tool on Canvas by class time on Wednesday, February 6.