English 127, Spring 2006

Final Paper/Project Assignment

Write a thesis-driven paper of at least 10 pages that discusses either Midnight's Children or The Left Hand of Darkness along with some other work of your choosing, in light of postcolonial theory.  In other words, you are comparing and contrasting one of the novels we have read in the later part of the class with another work, analyzing both of them through the theory and criticism we have been studying.  If you would like, the "work of your choosing" can be something else we read or viewed for class, although I encourage you to find your own work if you would like.

You will be required to reference at least one theorist or critic in your paper, to help you frame your discussion of the works.  This can be something from the class reading, but it would be even better if you tracked down an article on your own.

Notice that this is a very open-ended assignment.  As always though, if you have an alternate idea for this assignment, please talk with me about it well ahead of the due date, and I will consider allowing you to do something different.