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What is Web Crossing?

It's an online threaded discussion group that will supplement our classroom discussion.  All three sections of my 1102 class will discuss our readings in one common space.

Where should I post?

You must limit your postings to the "Prof. Sonstroem" folder and its sub-folders.  Intentional unwelcome posting to other folders can lower your grade in this class.

How do I use Web Crossing?

To access Web Crossing, go to either of these URLs: http://bronte.skiles.gatech.edu/ or http://www.lcc.gatech.edu/webx/.

You need to register to use Web Crossing.

To register yourself, select the "Register" button from the login screen.  Enter your real name, a password (write it down and remember it!), and your real e-mail address and hit OK.

After you are registered, just enter your user name and password from the login screen.

Once inside Web Crossing, go to the "Prof. Sonstroem" folder.  Inside "Prof. Sonstroem" you will find a folder named "1102 Spring 2001."  All of our postings will go here.

There are a number of folders inside "1102 Spring 2001."  Some are used to post instigations; some are used for papers; and some are used for the formal responses.  There is also a "General Discussion" folder for conversations that don't spin off of instigations, papers, or responses.  I may add more folders as time goes on.  I imagine that most of the conversations will happen in the instigation folders and in the general discussion folder.

To start a new discussion inside a folder, click the "Add discussion" button.  Click on a discussion to join one that is in progress.  You can post a new message to a discussion from the text box at the bottom of the screen.  Once a discussion gets going, you should use the "Reply" button next to the specific posting you are responding to.  This will keep our discussions threaded and easy to read.

For more help with Web Crossing, see the Guided Tour folder.

How much should I post?

You are responsible for a minimum of 16 web crossing posts under your own name throughout the semester, in addition to your formal assignments (instigations, responses, papers).  That's at least one web crossing post each week. I expect that you will probably want to post more than that.  My hope is that these folders will develop into conversations.


The informal feeling of electronic communication can be very liberating, and it can lead to interesting discussion that might be different from classroom discussion.  It is also easier to be rude or disrespectful in electronic communication, or to type and send something that you later regret.  Blatantly rude or disrespectful behavior on web crossing will not be tolerated.