Student Blogs, Content Engineering

Here, in no particular order, are the student blogs from this semester's Content Engineering class.  Enjoy some awesome content that is unique, targetted, and relevant.

RE: Hank and John

An in-depth response to the dubious advice of the world's best comedy podcast about death, "Dear Hank and John"

Genetic Engineering: Giving Animals Consciousness

If we had the ability to give animals what helped humans survive and thrive so well, what would happen?

Unusual Parasitic and Fungal Infections

Interesting and useful information about infections! Infections from around the world, particularly infections caused by parasites and fungi.

How to Survive Retail, College, and Chronic Illness

Advice and coping mechanisms for college students who have a job and have to earn some kind of income, specifically those who are dealing with some type of chronic condition.

Japanese Mythology: An Urban Survival Guide

Spirits, ghosts, monsters, demons: these things we claim as fiction, I can assure you, are quite real!

Tips for the Horror Fiction Shopper in a Non-Horror World

Learn how to find quality, entertaining horror fiction at reasonable prices by searching used bookstores, estate sales, and more.

Photography Ethics and Resources

Pieces on subjects such as ethics of street photography, editing, and photojournalism.

Teaching Literature Without Technology

In a world where technology is being integrated into classrooms at a rapid pace, here are reasons to teach English literature without it.

Food's Story

A Comprehensive Cultural History of Ingredient Science and Nutrition. Chronicles of the history of gastronomy, and the scientific significance of food.

Netflix Music Discovery

Discover the Music on your favorite Netflix shows.

The Querent Author

Foresee Your Way through Writer's Block Using Tarot & other Oracles

Tips for College Students with Pet Rabbits

Wilms & Co. invite you to learn about having a pet rabbit as a college student.

Poetry for Self Love and Healing

Poetry for self-love and healing is about learning to love oneself unconditionally and redefining the road to self-awareness and self-acceptance.