Content Engineering:  A Sampling of Former Class Blogs

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Here you will find a listing of some of the blogs created previous years. They are presented, in no particular order, to give you some idea of the range of possibilities here, not to be used as a model.   Notice how each of them develops a unique voice to separate itself from other similar content on the web.

And while you are at it, check out my own The Gweilo's Guide to Hong Kong Movies.

RE: Hank and John

An in-depth response to the dubious advice of the world's best comedy podcast about death, "Dear Hank and John"

Photography Ethics and Resources

Pieces on subjects such as ethics of street photography, editing, and photojournalism.

Tips for the Horror Fiction Shopper in a Non-Horror World

Learn how to find quality, entertaining horror fiction at reasonable prices by searching used bookstores, estate sales, and more.

Netflix Music Discovery

Discover the Music on your favorite Netflix shows.

Unusual Parasitic and Fungal Infections

Interesting and useful information about infections! Infections from around the world, particularly infections caused by parasites and fungi.

The Minimalist Cottage

Embracing Minimalism In Your Home, Health, and Kitchen.

The Zero Waste Student

Environmental awareness and sustainable living practices for college students.

Undergrad Prep to Teach Abroad

Second year college student making strides to her largest goal: teaching English abroad after graduation.

Protips for the Thrifty and Busy College Student

I am here to provide you some clever do-it-yourself easy projects, tips and tricks, organization ideas, and some (hopefully) tasty quick recipes so you can have more than enough energy to conquer the world!!

One Black Girl.  Many Words.

  I am a proud Black feminist, student, daughter, sister, Christian, writer and thinker.

From One to Pen Reviews

  A students' guide to gel-ink and ballpoint pens.

Medical Anomalies

  Unbelievable medical conditions!

Souvenirs for a Daydreaming Traveler

This is a lifestyle blog focused on music, food, photography, decorating, customs, and even making pretty things inspired by different foreign countries. And most importantly, these recommendations and tips will allow you to easily incorporate them into the everyday happenings of your life.

Stockton Dog Enthusiast Resource Page

  Money Saving Practices, Dog Friendly Places, Dog Health Tips, and More!

Got Your Goat Info

An informational guide to goats, of course.

Flashmobs in the Classroom

The Teaching Guide for Using Guerilla Theatre to Reach High School Students.

BITCH: Brainy Intelligent Thoughts on Concert Habits

Bitchy concert reviews for concert lovers of indie & alternative rock.

Growing Pains of a Mixed Family

A resource for teens and university students on growing up multiracial and/or multiethnic, also known as "mixed."

Second Hand Stories

A web resource dedicated to the thrift store experience! Here you can find information on thrift stores in the Stockton area, as well as personal accounts and stories from others who enjoy a good bargain.

Law School Prep for Undergraduate English Students

This is your go-to blog when searching for information on how to successfully prepare and apply to law school!

The Daily Zip

  Mixtape reviews from the common man's perspective. No pretense. Outside the trends. Only the latest, the best and the hottest from the free rap game.

 Sew Trendy

  A fashion guide, DIY page that will help your average girl be trendy!

The Shurtleff Technique: An Application

Michael Shurtleff claims that his twelve guideposts are everything an actor needs for a role. Too good to be true? Witness how advantageous these guideposts actually are.

What if Confucious Lived in Stockton, California

This blog is a place to discuss Confucian ethics and Confucian "Dao" (Way) of life. The purpose of my blog is to explore the application of the Confucian principles in the each daily living, specifically in Stockton.

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