I am Eric Sonstroem at the English Department at Univeristy of the Pacific in Stockton California.

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Recent Fiction Publication:

"Tear Here" in the Winter 2009 issue of Polu Texni: A Magazine of Many Arts

Content Engineering at the University of the Pacific

Sonstroem English 106 Content Engineering Class
Image courtesy of Schulman + Thorogood Group

I am currently putting together a self-designed major and post-graduate certification program in Content Engineering for students at the University of the Pacific. The "hub" of this major will be the pioneering course called Content Engineering.

The major will combine classes from the English and Communication departments, from the Business School, and from the Engineering school. If you are a Pacific student and interested in exploring this as a self-designed major or minor, please contact me.

Hong Kong Film Review Website Project

For my Content Engineering class, I've required my students to create content-rich blogs about topics they enjoy, with the aim of producing commercially successful websites that target a specific market and generate real traffic. I knew this would be a lot of work for the students, so I committed myself do doing the same assignment along with them. The result was The Gweilo's Guide to Hong Kong Movies, a film review site for a non-Chinese perspective on Chinese films.

Feel Free to Check Out The Site:

Leave comments, share links, etc. The assignment my students (and I) are doing can be found here.

Science and Literature Class

The hard sciences and literature are often thought of as two entirely separate academic domains, as two entirely separate practices. This is far from the truth. This class will bridge that gap, as it explores the intersections of science and literature within the realm of human culture that they share.



Yes, it's the text of Frankenstein converted into an online, virtual MOO-space. Click here to begin your adventure:  The Frankenstein MOO

This is an ongoing project I began at Georgia Tech with Ron Broglio in 2001.

Filmmaking in Turkey

In the Summer of 2010 I was in south western Turkey, teaching film making to Turkish and international teenagers at Afaçan Youth Camp. It was a project organized by Gençtur, in coordination with Volunteers for Peace.

Click here for more information.

Gender, Race, and Space Undergraduate Research Conference

Gender Race and Space Conference Logo

Congratulations to all of our oustanding presenters who made this a very successful conference!

I am one of the people who coordinated this undergraduate conference on the campus of the University of the Pacific. It was a one-day conference, and it took place on September 25, 2010. The official website is here.